Mars Needs Cows

Mars Needs Cows 2.1

Help the Martians beam up animals from Earth


  • Funny
  • Cute graphics and sounds
  • Lots of levels


  • Gets a bit too repetitive

Very good

It seems that the Martians aren't content with the animals they have on their planet because according to the plot of Mars Needs Cows, Mars needs cows.

As bizarre as it might sound, the aliens have decided they want to plunder the Earth for our livestock. In Mars Needs Cows you must help the E.T.s collect all the farmyard animals in a series of puzzles of increasing difficulty.

The puzzles in Mars Needs Cows consist of trying to move each of the animals that the aliens need onto the 'X' square. You do this by clicking on the animal you want to move, then choosing the direction you want it to move in, using the d-pad. Watch out though, because the animals will not stop moving in that direction unless there is something to block them. As a result, the challenge of each puzzle is to tactically maneuver each animal in order to complete the mission.

There are more than 2,000 unique puzzles in Mars Needs Cows, and as you score points and progress through the game, your rank in the alien military increases. The only trouble with this demo version is that the puzzles are a bit too easy and it quickly gets a bit repetitive and boring, although there are three difficulty levels in the full version of the game.

The graphics and sounds in Mars Needs Cows are very amusing (or should I say a-moo-sing?) and are full of funny farmyard noises and cartoon imagery.

Mars Needs Cows is a sprawling puzzle game with a sense of humor. It can get a bit repetitive though.

Mars Needs Cows


Mars Needs Cows 2.1

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